Family business - Olio Viola - Oleificio a Verona dal 1950



Corrado, Bruno and Federico Viola


Italy is famous worldwide for its family businessses born of extraordinary know-how passed down through the generations. We are proud to belong to this world, which so often abounds in inventiveness and extraordinary insight.

We do not subscribe to the idea of having to be huge in order to be great; we are too mindful of the quality of our products.


Bruno Viola, our founder, was born in a late summer day of the year 1930. He began early to work in his family business as a miller.

In 1950, at just 20 years old, he decided to build his own activity: an olive oil mill. It was a bold move at that time, but he knew it could have been a promising business. His main incomes came from processing olives for third parties.

It was thanks to the help of his beloved wife Teresa, that he started selling the olive oil barrels to few customers.

At the end of 1950s, Bruno decided to enlarge the factory by buying a store in the town centre. He build a packaging area and decided to boost the sales. The sales went from just small local shops to big markets in the district of Verona.

In 1977 the factory offices were moved to the actual location, in the charming hills of Bardolino. After few years a new olive oil mill was installed, equipped with innovative extraction tools: a progressive system for its time.

In the mid-80s Bruno and Teresa’s children, Federico and Corrado, joined and supported the family business. In the meantime the company took part of the large-scale distribution’s suppliers, expanding its sales range to all northern and central Italian regions and becoming a leader in some of them.

And here we arrive in 2020, the 70th anniversary of the company. With the mill’s equipment renewal, Olio Viola is still more than ever one of the leading Italian producers of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the country.


Our olive oil mill is located in Bardolino, a beautiful town situated on the east bank of Lake Garda. This lake region is renowned for its olive oil production since the Middle Ages.

It is thanks to the mountains, which up to the north surround the lake, that the area so called “Olive Riviera” can have a Mediterranean climate.

It is the perfect weather to support the olive growth, otherwise not possible at this height.