Our history - Olio Viola - Oleificio a Verona dal 1950



In the past we find
the roots for our future.

Passion for olive oil since 1950


Olio Viola was born in 1950 through the vision of Bruno Viola. Previously he worked as a miller in his family business. When he was only twenty years old, in he felt the desire to start his own business, courageous choice for that time, driven by his great passion for olive oil.
At the beginning the mill provided exclusively one service: to grind olives on behalf of third parties.


At the beginning of the ’60s, Bruno decided to expand the company by extending the production chain and adding a packaging room and a sales department.
The constant growth of the company forced, in 1977, to transfer the current headquarter in Bardolino and due to the fact that it was becoming part of the Italian Large Scale Distribution supply chain.


In 1987, an intuition of Bruno Viola led him to realize “La Colombara”, a flagship product of Olio Viola, which allowed the brand, to expand its sales’ range to all central and northern Italy, becoming a leader in the Veneto, Trentino-Alto Adige and Lombardy regions.


In 2010 the company had a further more expansion, adding a new highly automated packaging line, thus reaching a production capacity of about 50,000 liters per day.
For a long time, Olio Viola has been thinking about a new policy with the aim to enhance its environmental sustainability, by updating its plant to the most innovative technical-plant knowledge.


In 2020 the company celebrated its 70th anniversary, arriving to bottle about 2000 quintals per month of extra virgin olive oil, with a wide distribution both in the Large Scale Distribution and in the Ho.Re.Ca channel