The blend - Olio Viola - Oleificio a Verona dal 1950




It has always been the blendmaster’s job to perform the sensory analysis of extra virgin olive oil. His ability is based not only on strong theoretical knowledge of gastronomy, chemistry and biology, but also on personal talent, taught empirically and developed on the field.
Thanks to his experience, our blendmaster is able to select the oils offered to us by agents and farmers, in order to achieve the blend, or, we could say, the ideal mixture, so that each oil has its own specific characteristics.


The tasting rules for extra virgin olive oil are just as precise as the means used. These means include the cobalt blue tasting glass. According to the international olive council (IOC), sensory analysis of extra virgin oil requires a blue glass with specific characteristics, in order to comply with standard requirements. This standard, established in 1987, describes the type of glass allowed for the sensory assessment of edible oil.

It sets out each and every detail: from the size and material to the design. The glass must be strong and dark to stop the colour of the oil from influencing the judgement, as the colour is not an important criterion for its assessment. The glasses should be free from scratches and bubbles; the rim should be even, smooth and flanged; the glass must be of the utmost stability, to make sure that it does not tip over and that there are no spillages.