CHESTNUT TREE HONEY - Olio Viola - Oleificio a Verona dal 1950



Obtained in Italy from colorful chestnut flowers and harvested between the months of June and October. Unlike many other honeys, chestnut has a colour that varies from yellow-brown to almost black, with very dark and intense amber shades; its smell is aromatic and woody and the complex taste, decidedly distinct, is much less sweet, with a bitter aftertaste that can also be appreciated on salty meat dishes and forms. seasoned foods, while it does not lend itself much to replacing sugar to sweeten herbal teas or tea.

Beneficial properties:anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, rich in protein, vitamins B and C and mineral salts, high antioxidant capacity, natural remedy for coughs and sore throat

500g package

COD: 8000188202052