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Discover the line “La Colombara”
Discover the line “La Colombara”
La Colombara

The extra virgin olive oil "La Colombara" has been the flagship brand of Olio Viola since 1987.
It is obtained from the processing of ripe olives that guarantee the product a high quality, found in the delicate aroma and refined flavor.

La Colombara Selezione Speciale

This product is a tribute to our Land, obtained exclusively with Italian olives harvested in the best production areas. Characterized by a medium fruity taste and an intense aroma of olive, it is suitable for seasoning hot and cold dishes and for cooking in a pan or oven.

La Colombara Bio

This organic extra virgin olive oil is produced exclusively from certified organic farming. The agronomic care dedicated to crops is aimed solely at strengthening the natural defenses of the olive tree.
It is a genuine oil 100% Italian medium fruity flavor, with spicy notes and intense aroma.

La Colombara Grezzo

This extra virgin olive oil is obtained only from Italian olives and does not undergo the filtration process, so it presents itself in the unfiltered state, preserving the fragrance and lively intensity of an intact product, which enhances the flavor of nature.
It is recommended as a raw seasoning of hot and cold dishes.