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Making the present sustainable, saving the future

With respect for the environment, we constantly invest in cutting-edge technologies that allow us to reduce the ecological impact on the earth. Our production is guided by a sustainable balance, to preserve the natural characteristics of the olive oil we offer to our customers.

We at Olio Viola care about the value of the Earth, which requires passion and sensitivity so that the best quality, every day, arrives on your tables. A natural call that, over time, we have transformed into a concrete and decisive commitment, in order to be able to live in harmony with nature, reducing our impact on the resources that Mother Nature offers us.
Being a historic but future-oriented company, we have perceived in our small way the need to implement a strategy of environmental sustainability oriented to the future, a path we want to share with you, in order to look further together.

Our sustainable approach is characterised by five concrete actions:


We use ONLY bottles that contain at least 75% of recycled glass, in a circular economy view, in order to reduce the environmentalimpact of the production process.


We contribute to the recovery of water resources, allocating the vegetation waters of our mill to the fertilization of agricultural fields, so as not to waste a resource as precious as water.


For some products in our range we use ONLY labeled with FSC®paper, from recycled material and from responsibly managed sources. We are committed by 2025 to adopting this type of paper for all our labels.


Since the olive-growing season 2021/22 we have bought an innovative machinery, which function is to extract from the pomace the core present in the olives (waste material of the pressing process) so that, once dried, it may subsequently be used as biofuel for stoves.


The olive tree is a natural remedy for greenhouse gases, in fact it is the plant in nature with the greatest capacity to absorb carbon dioxide (CO2).

The International Olive Council carried out a study in which it calculated that 10.65 kg of carbon dioxide would be absorbed to produce one liter of olive oil. This means that one hectare of olive grove neutralizes the annual environmental footprint of a human being.

In our small way, therefore, we are proud to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.